Turn The Page – Episode 139

Episode one thirty nine

We got a chance to chat with Madlyn Burkert, the Collections and Exhibitions Archivist at Lucasfilm Ltd. Madlyn took us on a “tour de force” of how she found herself on the path of a pop-culture archivist (shout out to L.I.U.), the challenges of providing reference for future projects, and so much more.

Turn The Page – Episode 138

Episode one thirty eight

The Neverending Story is often considered THE film at the root of Xennial trauma. Joined by Sarah Marshall, we discuss trauma depicted in the film, the author of the book whose own trauma inspired it all, and that DARN horse. It has to hurt if it is to heal.

Turn The Page – Episode 137c

Episode one thirty seven – part three

We hosted a live zoom audience with Mat Heagerty and Steph Mided, the author artist team behind the graphic novel Martial Ghost Centaur! 

Watch the video here

Turn The Page – Episode 137b

Episode one thirty seven – part two

From dark fantasy to horror writer, Christina Henry joined us to discuss what defines a fairy tale, the need for nostalgic horror from the female perspective and her newest novel Near the Bone, which brings chills and thrills to the very last page.

Turn The Page – Episode 137a

Episode one thirty seven – part one

Artist Tim Fielder tells us about his graphic novel Infinitum: An Afro Futurist Tale, the story of King Aja Oba, a warlord cursed with the “gift of Immortality. Tim defines Afro Futurism, talks about his influences and DRAWS Jessikah.

Special Episode 21

Special Episode 21 – Summer Scares! with Becky Spratford and Konrad Stump

Summer is a great time to read Horror Fiction! We are joined by Becky Spratford (RA For All) and Konrad Stump (The Springfield-Greene County Library District) to discuss Summer Scares 2021 and why we love to be scared.

Beck and Silvia Moreno-Garcia on Shelfcare


Announcing the 5th Annual StokerCon Librarians’ Day Schedule of Events

Summer Scares Programming Guide

Turn The Page – Episode 136a

Episode one thirty six – part one

Author Kyra Wilder’s book Little Bandaged Days introduces us to a young mother on the verge of breakdown. We got to chat with Kyra about the need for comprehensive mental and emotional care for mothers, the evergreen need for parental leave, and the hilariously titled children’s book she wishes to one day write.

Of course, we discussed Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper. See more information below.




Turn The Page – Episode 136b

Episode one thirty six – part two

Joshilyn Jackson’s new twisty novel Mother May I is ripe with themes of class, gender, and of course motherhood. We managed to chat about a lot of that while deftly sidestepping spoilers. Joshilyn’s daughter Maisie shared some of her own perspective on these themes as a college freshman.

Turn The Page – Episode 136c

Episode one thirty six – part three

In the Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano, we find a young woman’s life take different routes which all hinge on her decision as whether or not she decides to have a baby. We got to talk with author Donna Freitas about how motherhood is not framed as a choice for women, and how Covid has exposed the lions share of work which is put upon mothers specifically. We also chatted a bit about those mythical early days of quarantine, where life consisted of wine and Tiger King.