Turn The Page – Episode 34

Episode Thirty Four – Going Viral with Jewish A Capella!

(Photo by Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images)

Elliot Olshansky is a Syosset alum who also wrote the lyrics to Bohemian Chanukah, a Queen adaptation which went viral in December 2018. Now he’s back with a new song performed by Six13, a Jewish A Capella group who’ve performed for the Obamas!

Turn The Page – Episode 32

Episode Thirty Two:

Just in time for tax day, Maria Duchin and Linda Springer speak about crafting the perfect LinkedIn page, building job interview skills, and why financial literacy is more important now than ever.

Turn The Page – Episode 31

Episode Thirty One: Today We Code

Syosset Alum, Jay Mir and his business partner Lewis Cozzetto have made it their mission to make coding fun and easy! They stopped by to discuss their company Code to STEM — and how the possibilities are limitless.