Turn The Page – Episode 113b

One hundred and thirteen – Part two

Recorded “Live” this summer. We invited D.J. MacHale, middle grade author and co-creator of Are You Afraid of the Dark to engage our audience in a LIVE Q&A. Come hear Stacey, Jessikah, and our audience travel down the path of nostalgia as D.J. answers personal questions about the Midnight Society.

Turn The Page – Episode 113a

One hundred and thirteen – Part one

We got a chance to speak with local author Robert Ottone about his book “Her Infernal name and other curiosities” a collection of horror stories that will keep you thinking about them long after you’ve finished reading.

Turn The Page – Episode 112

One hundred and twelve – Jack DeMasi

Today we get to chat with Jack DeMasi about how he found himself hired at the 11th hour to the job that would become a keystone in the legacy of Syosset High School.

Turn The Page – Episode 111b

One hundred and eleven – Part two

Adib Khorram introduced us to Darius the Great — an American Born Iranian Teen struggling with depression and identity issues. Adib joins us to talk about Darius, the “Quarantimes” and more!

Turn The Page – Episode 110c

One hundred and ten – Part three – Sue Loh

Sue Loh saw a need for gender and racial diversity within the field of computer engineering — so she aimed to launch a Hunger Games-esque middle grade novel series aimed at just that.

Turn The Page – Episode 110a

One hundred and ten – Part one – P. Djèlí Clark

Are you craving a good book which mixes historical fiction with a strong lead character who happens to be a female African American demon slayer? Oh. And the DEMONS in question are the Klan. Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark serves up all of this and more.

Turn The Page – Episode 110b

One hundred and ten – Part two – E.K. Johnston

YA Author and Star Wars nerd Johnston chats with us about writing life into the politics behind Padmé Amidala and her handmaids beyond what we saw within the context of Star Wars Episode 1.

Turn The Page – Episode 109a

One hundred and nine – Part one — Axur Eneas

Axur joins us from Mexico to talk about his collaboration with Ryan Estrada on Student Ambassador, a middle grade graphic novel that will appeal to everyone!

Turn The Page – Episode 109b

One hundred and nine – Part two — Kiku Hughes

Kiku Hughes discusses the painful truths of Japanese Internment in her Graphic Novel, “Displacement” a semi-autobiographical story of Kiku’s own family.