Turn The Page – Episode 52

Episode Fifty Two – Part 2 

Nicola Harrison discusses her book Montauk, which brings us back to the summer of 1938 — just as an infamous hurricane is about to strike.

Turn The Page – Episode 51

Episode Fifty One – Tom Lynch: Sidewalk Astronomer

Look at the night sky! Long Island’s own Tom Lynch discusses what inspired him to develop a telescope sharing initiative in our local libraries. 

Turn The Page – Episode 49

Episode Forty Nine – Making Art with Wendy Xu


Graphic Novel Artist, and soon to be Sy-Con guest discusses her journey from self taught artist to getting published by Lion Forge Press!

Turn The Page – Episode 48

Episode Forty Eight: Preserving Magic With Disney Animation Research Library

We got a rare chance to interview Fox Carney and Tori Cranner, archivists for Disney’s Animation Research Library — a secretly located facility tasked with preserving the legacy of the Walt Disney Company.