Turn The Page – Episode 294c

Episode two hundred ninety four – part three


Meghan sat down with author Linda Crotta Brennan to discuss The Selkie’s Daughter, a wonderfully imagined children’s middle-grade novel set in nineteenth century Nova Scotia. The Selkie’s Daughter incorporates folklore and fantasy elements and tells the coming-of-age story of young girl named Brigit and her adventures to discover her half-human, half-selkie heritage

Turn The Page – Episode 274c

Episode two hundred seventy four – part three

Meghan sat down with former White House speechwriter, Sean O’Brien and discussed his debut children’s novel, White House Clubhouse. White House Clubhouse follows the adventures of two First Daughters, Marissa and Clara as they time travel back in time to meet president Theodore Roosevelt and his family. What ensures is an engaging cross-country train adventure to save California’s redwood forest. Topics include Roosevelt’s legacy as well as his conservation efforts.

Turn The Page – Episode 259d

Episode two hundred fifty nine – part four

Meghan sat down with author, Erika Lewis to discuss her new book, KELCIE MURPHY AND THE HUNT FOR THE HEART OF DANU, a riveting sequel that is a magic packed action-adventure with a touch of Celtic mythology.

Turn The Page – Episode 130a

Episode one thirty – part one

There’s something about Witches with Amber Benson.

Amber Benson zoomed in to talk about her several series written in the fantasy genre, and ended up hanging out to discuss the foresight of Octavia Butler, the congeniality of Merricat Blackwood — Shirley Jackson’s antihero, and how often Giles cleaned his glasses during her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spoiler Alert! Merricat wasn’t so nice, but Amber is a delight.

Turn The Page – Episode 84

Episode Eighty Four – Special Collections! 

Susie Tofte, Associate Archivist and Collections Manager for the Jim Henson Company  graciously talked to us about preserving the legacy of Henson’s work — in the past and going forward.

Turn The Page – Episode 48

Episode Forty Eight: Preserving Magic With Disney Animation Research Library

We got a rare chance to interview Fox Carney and Tori Cranner, archivists for Disney’s Animation Research Library — a secretly located facility tasked with preserving the legacy of the Walt Disney Company.

Turn The Page – Episode 46

Episode Forty Six: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: For nearly 40 years, Alvin Schwartz’ collection of scary stories has been a staple of campfires sleepovers, and on ALA list of most banned books.

Cody Meirick director of the Scary Stories documentary chatted with Sharon, Meghan and Jessikah about the legacy Schwartz (and illustrator Stephen Gammell) have cast over generations of young readers. Together we wax nostalgic on our favorite tales, illustrations and the power of folklore in literature.

Turn the Page – Episode 09

Episode Nine: In the name of the moon, I challenge you!

Librarian and board game enthusiast Michael Buono is the Head of Reference and Patron Services at Brentwood Public Library and Adjunct Lecturer at CUNY Queens. The life long tabletop rpg and anime fan met up with us to unbox the “Sailor Moon Dice Challenge Combat Game” — courtesy of the Dyskami company — and to wax nostalgic about Sailor Moon, the famous anime series which we all adore.

Want to see how to play the game?