Turn The Page – Episode 234d

Episode two hundred thirty four – part four

Alyssa Wees’ adult fantasy debut is a lovely dark fairy tale set in 1930s Chicago. Jessikah and Jenn talked to Alyssa about growing up on fairy tales, ballet, and the interesting connections between dance and death.

Turn The Page – Episode 234a

Episode two hundred thirty four – part one

Margot Douaihy’s SCORCHED GRACE, the flagship publication of Gillian Flynn Books, is a thrilling mystery with a protagonist you’ll love immediately: a queer, tattooed, chain-smoking nun trying to stop a mysterious arsonist targeting her NOLA convent.

Turn The Page – Episode 234c

Episode two hundred thirty four – part three

Debut author Julia Bartz takes us on a wild ride in THE WRITING RETREAT, the story of a young writer whose dream opportunity to work with her writing idol leads her down a twisty path that will leave readers breathless.

Turn The Page – Episode 234b

Episode two hundred thirty four – part two

Jenn sat down with Zach Weinersmith, accomplished cartoonist and author of BEA WOLF, which adapts Beowulf into a middle-grade comic. They chat about Old English word-play and the overlaps between medieval warrior culture and contemporary kid culture.

Turn The Page – Episode 234e

Episode two hundred thirty four – part five

Emily George has given us the coziest of cozy mysteries with a twist with A HALF-BAKED MURDER, in which a down-on-her-luck baker opens a marijuana-themed bakery and finds herself wrapped up in solving a murder!

Turn The Page – Episode 233d

Episode two hundred thirty three – part four

BRIGHT AND DEADLY THINGS is a psychological thriller which manages to take on the “dark academia” trope by taking the academics out of the school setting.

Turn The Page – Episode 233b

Episode two hundred thirty three – part two

Jessikah caught up with Jayne Ann Krentz to chat about SLEEP NO MORE, a captivating paranormal romance which will have you up all night turning the pages until the very end.

Turn The Page – Episode 233a

Episode two hundred thirty three – part one

WASPS IN THE ICE CREAM is a riveting and thought-provoking coming-of-age horror story. Jenn talked to its author Tim McGregor about 80s nostalgia, Satanic Panic, and nuclear paranoia, among other things!

Special Episode 29

Special Episode 29

The most enduring detectives in American crime fiction return in Jonathan Kellerman’s latest thriller, UNNATURAL HISTORY. Psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis are drawn into an unsettling case of altruism gone wrong in the city of Los Angeles.

Jonathan Kellerman joins Turn the Page for a fascinating discussion of life, writing and the innate intelligence of dogs.