Turn The Page – Episode 232a

Episode two hundred thirty two – part one

Johnny Compton joins us to chat about his debut horror novel SPITE HOUSE, a nice twist on the haunted house trope. Along the way we define “Spite House” and discuss some of our favorite things about horror fiction.

Turn The Page – Episode 232c

Episode two hundred thirty three – part one

Jenn sat down with Daniel Lukes, Stanimir Panayotov, and Jaci Raia to discuss BLACK METAL RAINBOWS, a collection of essays and theory-fictions, artworks and comics that explore the fascinating genre of Black Metal.

Turn The Page – Episode 232b

Episode two hundred thirty two – part two

Barbara Brandon-Croft is the first nationally syndicated African-American female cartoonist. WHERE I’M COMING FROM collects her long-running, ground-breaking comic strip.

Turn The Page – Episode 231b

Episode two hundred thirty one – part two

Eleanor Shearer stopped by the show to talk about her stunning debut RIVER SING ME HOME, which follows a formerly enslaved woman traveling the Caribbean to find her children.

Turn The Page – Episode 231a

Episode two hundred thirty one – part one

We welcome back Annalee Newitz to chat about Terraformers — their newest sci-fi epic that follows a variety of lifeforms as they terraform a distant planet over thousands and thousands of years.