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Turn The Page – Episode 68

Episode Sixty Eight – Hey, it’s Marc Thompson

Thompson, a veteran voice actor talks to us about breaking into his career during a casting call for what became MTV’s Daria — and how his own fandoms brought him to voice Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and then to become the narrator of dozens of Star Wars audio books.

Turn The Page – Episode 67

It’s cold outside. What better to do than hunt for great eats around town? The Fantasmic Foodie has made a name for himself reviewing fun and fantastic food spots, and trying some of the most unique dishes that will surprise your taste buds.

Turn The Page – Episode 66

Episode Sixty Six: The Night John Lennon Died with Saundra Shohen

Shohen reveals myriad behind-the-scenes dramas she experienced as Administrator of the Roosevelt Hospital Emergency Department in New York City, as well as the infamous night John Lennon died — which led her to write her crime drama novel, The Night John Lennon Died…so did John Doe.