Turn The Page – Episode 288c

Episode two hundred eighty eight – part three

We welcome back Carola Lovering for BYE, BABY – a book that traces the history of a toxic friendship. Stacey and Jessikah discuss how this book touches on some sensitive topics, and Carola talks about the pivot from writing about romantic breakups to friend break ups – as well as how music influences her stories.

Turn The Page – Episode 285a

Episode two hundred eighty five – part one

Ali Hazelwood switches gears from STEMinist Rom Com to Paranormal Romance. Set in a fresh world full of Vampyres and Werewolves, BRIDE is a fun ride full of amazing characters, surprising twists and a few spicy moments, of course.

Turn The Page – Episode 254a

Episode two hundred fifty four – part one

Jessikah, Stacey, Jenn, and Kaye, got serious about Fan Fiction with Claudia Rebaza, of Archive of our Own and OTW! Ao3 is one of the best known collections of fan fiction on the internet. Listen in and learn more about the Archive and what they do… and learn a little bit more about how fan works transform lives.

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Turn The Page – Episode 240c

Episode two hundred forty – part three

Author Laurell K. Hamilton chats with Jessikah and Stacey about SMOULDER, the latest in the ANITA BLAKE series – and then talks some shop about how she manages to keep the series fresh!

Turn The Page – Episode 154b

Episode one fifty four – part two

The Pandemic has been a boon for gamers, veteran and novice alike. We caught up with Andrew Searles of D&D Beyond to discuss how this online tool has brought Dungeons and Dragons into homes, overseas, and beyond. Andrew chatted with us about the therapeutic reach of Role Playing Games.

Turn The Page – Episode 153c

Episode one fifty three – part three

Set on a vineyard on the East End of Long Island, Jamie Brenner’s Blush brings together three generations of women, trashy romance novels of the 80’s, and a bit of family drama. Brenner entertains us with some history of Long Island Vineyards in regards to how they came to be and the ability of women to break into the world of wine.

Turn The Page – Episode 125

One hundred and twenty five

Josh Malerman talks to us about horror, the blizzard of Bird Box memes that inhabited the internet, and A House at the Bottom of a Lake, his newest tale of first love, terror, and the strange point where they touch.

Turn The Page – Episode 122a

One hundred and twenty two part one

Author Rosemary Simpson is here to tell us about her historical Noir series where the bad guys are really bad and the Gilded Age glitters as darkness lurks beneath the facade.

Special Episode 17

Special Episode 17

FB Live

It’s the end of a crazy year! So let’s celebrate in style. Listen to the audio OR check out the video above and join us for some Holiday Cheer to see our live interview with Andrew Shaffer author of Secret Santa, a horror comedy set in the 80s. Shaffer treated us to some information about Krampus, and other Yuletide monsters and took some audience Q&A. Shaffer is the author of the Obama Biden cozy mysteries, so as you might imagine, things got quite silly.