Turn The Page – Episode 206a

Episode two hundred six – part one

Jenn was lucky enough to talk to Louise Hare about her thrilling mystery MISS ALDRIDGE REGRETS, an evocative period piece set on the RMS Queen Mary in 1936, and its main character, Lena Aldridge, a mixed race lounge singer passing for white in a racially divided time.

Turn The Page – Episode 206c

Episode two hundred six – part three

Nghi Vo’s SIREN QUEEN is a beautiful, dreamy, magical realist novel about the life of a Chinese-American actress in pre-Code Hollywood. We discussed her new book, Old Hollywood, and blending fact and fiction on the page.

Turn The Page – Episode 206b

Episode two hundred six – part two

Megan and Jenn, Syosset Library’s resident Trekkies, got to chat with Ryan Britt about his book, PHASERS ON STUN: HOW THE MAKING (AND REMAKING) OF STAR TREK CHANGED THE WORLD. Live long and prosper, and give it a listen!

Turn The Page – Episode 206d

Episode two hundred six – part four

With THE FALCON’S EYES, Francesca Stanfill has given us a fascinating glimpse into the life of a young noblewoman in the Norman courts and monasteries of medieval France and England. Resident medievalist Jenn talked to her about medieval marriage and childbirth, the rise and fall of the Normans, and the extraordinary life of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Turn The Page – Episode 206e

Episode two hundred six – part five

Evelyn gets to chat with Katherine Center about her newest comfort read THE BODY GUARD. Katherine and Evelyn get to talk about their favorite movie stars, and the Hudson Valley outside of NY.

Turn The Page – Episode 205F

Episode two hundred five – part six

We welcome back Julia Whelan, actor, audiobook narrator and author. Julia chats with Evelyn about THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, a very meta book about audiobook narrators. Julia also clues us in as to why narrators of romance novels would prefer a pseudonym.

Turn The Page – Episode 205d

Episode two hundred five – part four

Fabian Nicieza, known for his MANY contributions to the comic book world (Deadpool!) Joins us to chat about THE SELF MADE WIDOW, the second in his darkly delicious series about the exploits of Andie Stern, a suburban mom of five who cannot leave behind her past as an FBI profiler.

Turn The Page – Episode 205a

Episode two hundred five – part one

THE GHOST THAT ATE US is a terrifying and highly entertaining blend of horror and true crime that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. Daniel and Jenn chat about this engrossing story about fast food, ghosts, and social media.

Turn The Page – Episode 205e

Episode two hundred five – part five

Nathalie gets personal with author L.M. Elliot to chat about LOUISA JUNE AND THE NAZI’S IN THE WAVES, Laura’s newest middle grade novel that explores a young American girl whose family comes face to face with German U-Boats in 1941.