Turn The Page – Episode 237e

Episode two hundred thirty seven – part five

ONCE UPON A TOME is an insightful, vivid, and very funny memoir about the rare bookselling. Oliver Darkshire stopped by the show to talk about his time at Henry Sotherans in London, book culture and book people, with a detour about RPGs!

Turn The Page – Episode 237c

Episode two hundred thirty seven – part three

Jessikah caught up with author Constanza Casati to talk about CLYTEMNESTRA, a novel featuring one of mythology’s most vilified women. Fans of CIRCE, ARIADNE, and ITHAKA will devour this deep dive into the heart of the Spartan Princess who was the sister to Helen of Troy and Queen of Mycenae.

Turn The Page – Episode 237d

Episode two hundred thirty seven – part four

Jessikah got to chat with Karen Rose about COLD BLOODED LIAR, a thriller about Kit, a homicide detective with a rough past on the hunt for a serial killer that has eluded the police for two decades — and Sam the sweet therapist whose patient might be the key to catching them.

Turn The Page – Episode 237b

Episode two hundred thirty seven – part two

Maria Dong stopped by the show to discuss LIAR, DREAMER, THIEF, a gripping page-turner and sensitive exploration of mental health. Maria and Jenn discuss genre, constructing fantasy worlds, and what makes a narrator “unreliable.”

Turn The Page – Episode 236c

Episode two hundred thirty six – part three

Method writer Priya Guns takes us on a wild ride with YOUR DRIVER IS WAITING, the story of Damani, a young Sri Lankan woman under pressure as she tries to make rent with a Ride Share company while the world around her explodes with pressure.

Turn The Page – Episode 236b

Episode two hundred thirty six – part two

Jessikah caught up with Trang Thanh Tran to discuss their debut novel SHE IS A HAUNTING, a coming of age horror story about a Vietnamese American teen who visits her father in Vietnam — and the Haunted House that wants to eat her.

Turn The Page – Episode 236d

Episode two hundred thirty six – part four

Evelyn chats with author William Landay about ALL THAT IS MINE I CARRY WITH ME, a follow up to DEFENDING JACOB. Evelyn and Bill talk about his writing process, first lines, and writing for himself.

Turn The Page – Episode 236a

Episode two hundred thirty six – part one

Jenn talked to author Jade Adia about THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD, a love letter to communities of color and a darkly funny and thrilling exploration of the destructive forces of gentrification.


Turn The Page – Episode 236e

Episode two hundred thirty six – part five

Lisa and Melissa catch up with Bryan Trottier! Bryan chats about his time with the Islanders, his seven-time Stanley Cup winning career, and of course, his book All Roads Home!