Turn The Page – Episode 155c

Episode one fifty five – part three

Barney catches up with Ace Atkins to discuss his newest Quinn Colson Novel and adds his welcome perspective on how his characters have progressed! Ace also discusses some southern cuisine (what is a fried pie?) and talks about taking up the mantle of Robert P. Parker.

Turn The Page – Episode 122c

One hundred and twenty two part three

Barney chats with Reavis Z. Wortham about the reissue of The Rock Hole, the first in his series loosely based on his own experiences growing up in Texas in the 1960’s.

Turn The Page – Episode 101b

Episode One Hundred and One – Part 2 – Kate Winkler Dawson

Kate Winkler Dawson discusses American Sherlock — a non-fiction book about Edward Oscar Heinreich, America’s first forensic scientist

Turn The Page – Episode 86

Episode 86 – Erik Larson

Author Erik Larson talks about leadership under pressure! Hitler had his eye on Great Britain and London was under the fire of The Blitz. We all know that Winston Churchill’s temper was put the to test, but his family found themselves deeply affected by the events unfolding around them.

Turn The Page – Episode 83

Episode Eighty Three – Syosset’s Historic Cemetery

Follow up with Kurt E. Kahofer and Zachary N. Studenroth of Burying Ground Preservation Group,
the team of professionals who are restoring the Schenck family burial ground in Syosset.

Turn The Page – Episode 71

Episode Seventy-One: On the doorstep of local history: Rav Freidel has the history of Syosset on his doorstep!

As the current owner of Syosset’s “Schenck House”, Rav stops by to talk restoration, resting grounds, and the Revolutionary War history right here in our hometown.

Turn The Page – Episode 62

Episode Sixty Two – PUT IT IN THE BOOKS with Howie Rose

Legendary sports broadcaster Howie Rose chats with us about some of his favorite moments in sports and how various trends in sports fandom have changed the way people watch their games.