Turn The Page – Episode 293c

Episode two hundred ninety three – part three

Carter Wilson takes us on a wild wild in THE FATHER THAT SHE WENT TO FIND, a thriller with an 1980’s setting that brings Penny, a young woman with an amazing intellect running towards a father who left her behind – and running from the trouble she’s found along the way.

Turn The Page – Episode 293d

Episode two hundred ninety three – part four

Debut author Rania Hanna joins us to chat Arab Folklore and all the layers to death and grief as explored in her gorgeous novel The Jinn Daughter. You’re going to LOVE this one.

Turn The Page – Episode 292a

Episode two hundred ninety two – part one

Clare is a serial killer who is grieving her beloved father, the only person who she had ever truly cared about. Author Joanna Wallace discusses how her own feelings of loss helped create Clare and this wild, often darkly funny book.

Turn The Page – Episode 292b

Episode two hundred ninety two – part two

Jessikah chats with reluctant novelist Ellen Birkett Morris about BEWARE THE TALL GRASS, a beautifully written story about a mother, a son, and another man’s history that haunts the child’s dreams. Ellen talks about past lives, open minded skepticism, and how motherhood can challenge a marriage as presented in this lovely book.

Turn The Page – Episode 292d

Episode two hundred ninety two – part four

Hiromi Ito’s THE THORN PULLER explores getting older, caring for aging parents, and living on two continents with touching insight and humor. Jenn got to chat with Hiromi and her translator, Jeffrey Angles, about collaborating on this English translation of her novel.

Turn The Page – Episode 292e

Episode two hundred ninety two – part five

Alain Silver and James Ursini, prolific writers and commentators on film history, have given us a fascinating account of the history and making of the iconic noir classic in FROM THE MOMENT THEY MET IT WAS MURDER: DOUBLE INDEMNITY AND THE RISE OF FILM NOIR. They stopped by to talk about writing books, commentary, and the legacy of DOUBLE INDEMNITY.

Turn The Page – Episode 292c

Episode two hundred ninety two – part three

Ciera Burch’s SOMETHING KINDRED is a haunting and beautiful exploration of grief, new love, and growing up with eerie horror vibes. Jenn chats with Ciera about mixing romance and horror, intergenerational trauma, and coming of age.