Turn The Page – Episode 148a

Episode one forty eight – part one

In part two of the Middle Class Horror Series, Fan Girl Jeanne discusses safe spaces as a construct within the mythos of the suburbs and how 1950’s archetypes of suburbia are parasitic upon the urban spaces they are designed to keep out. Some movies discussed are The Duel, The People Under the Stairs, and The Girl with All the Gifts.

Turn The Page – Episode 148b

Episode one forty eight – part two

Set in an alternate timeline, Girl One speculates that would have happened if in the mid 1970’s, 9 women participated in an experiment to reproduce through parthenogenesis resulting in 9 baby girls who have grown up with this legacy. Sara Flannery Murphy talks to us about this carefully crafted novel which mixes suspense and light SciFi.

Turn The Page – Episode 148c

Episode one forty eight – part three

Author T.J. Newman worked in the aviation industry as a flight attended until she published Falling, one of the hottest thrillers of this summer. Newman got to talk to us about the familial dynamics of a flight crew, popular action films such as Speed, and how we all hope her former ambition to work on Broadway comes full circle for “Falling! The Musical”. We’re just kidding. Well, MAYBE we are.

Turn The Page – Episode 147b

Episode one forty seven – part two

Jessica Chiarella author of “Lost Girls” joined us to talk about how her thriller utilizes the current boom in True Crime podcasts and the emotional impact of missing persons within the family of the victim. Faces on the Milk Carton did come up in conversation as did the appeal of characters who make very questionable choices.

Turn The Page – Episode 147a

Episode one forty seven – part one

A modern classic set at the end of the Obama era, A. Natasha Joukovsky’s Portrait of a Mirror crosses two couples from the 1% in a comedy of errors. Joukovsky spoke to Turn the Page about the inspiration behind Wes, Diana, Vivien and Dale — and importantly Julian whose wit radiates throughout the narrative. We also got to discuss mythology, art, and the recursive qualities of everything!

Turn The Page – Episode 147c

Episode one forty seven – part three

Karen Dionne, author of The Marsh King’s Daughter and The Wicked Sister joined us once more to discuss the paperback release of her last book, the film adaptation of The Marsh King’s Daughter and to drop a few breadcrumbs about her upcoming novel!

Special Episode 22

Special Episode 22

2021 Mover and Shaker and president of ABOS, David Kelsey shares his passion of Library Outreach with Turn the Page! Be it a bookmobile, a book bike, or simply facilitating make and take crafts for the community, outreach has grown to become a monumental resource for libraries. Kelsey discusses the history of ABOS and the many ways Library Outreach has changed lives throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Turn The Page – Episode 146b

Episode one forty six – part two

Kathy Wang  – author of Family Trust zoomed in to talk about Impostor Syndrome, a story of two women, in the tech industry — one a Russian plant the other a first generation Chinese American — and the cat and mouse game which pits them against one another.

Turn The Page – Episode 146c

Episode one forty six – part three

Stacey got to talk to May Cobb, author of the delightfully devious book The Hunting Wives, a book that’s been blurbed by basically every one of our favorite authors of twisted fiction. May and Stacey talk about some of their own favorite cutthroat female characters and of course The Heathers are high on that list.

Turn The Page – Episode 146a

Episode one forty six – part one

Version Zero is a fast thrilling ride from author David Yoon which dares us to look at our digital lives and consider what we are losing. Yoon, who worked in tech in the past tells Sharon and Jessikah about the wild ride that is his first adult novel, and Joy Revolution the imprint created by David and his wife Nicola which focuses on love stories of people of color.