Turn The Page – Episode 198b

Episode one ninety eight – part two

Evelyn had the good fortune to chat with Carley Fortune, author of EVERY SUMMER AFTER, a book about friendship, bygone love, and mistakes.

Turn The Page – Episode 197d

Episode one ninety seven – part four

Bestselling Author Jeffrey Archer joins Turn the Page to discuss his writing career, what makes a good writer versus a good storyteller.

Turn The Page – Episode 197b

Episode one ninety seven – part two

JM Miro joins us to discuss ORDINARY MONSTERS, the first in a gaslamp historical fantasy, rich with unforgettable protagonists and villains.

Turn The Page – Episode 197c

Episode one ninety seven – part three

A toxic friendship underlines this psychological thriller which finds Michele returning to her home in Florida where her guilt has haunted her for decades.

Fun Stuff

Turn The Page – Episode 196a

Episode one ninety six – part one

Jenn sat down with Nicola Griffith to discuss her new book, SPEAR, a queer retelling of the Perceval story from Arthurian legend. They discussed the attraction of the Middle Ages as a setting for fiction, different versions of the Arthurian stories, and writing queer joy.

Turn The Page – Episode 196b

Episode one ninety six – part two

Debut Author Erin Swan’s WALK THE VANISH EARTH examines generational trauma, environmental trauma, and the place where they all meet. Swan’s haunting prose is wrapped up in one of the most beautiful book covers ever created.

Turn The Page – Episode 196c

Episode one ninety six – part three

KC Jones joins Turn the Page to talk about BLACK TIDE, a cinematic horror story which casts two lonely souls and one very good dog against an unseen harbinger of the apocalypse.

Turn The Page – Episode 195d

Episode one ninety five – part four

Evelyn chats with author Eric Nguyen about THINGS WE LOST TO THE WATER, the story of a Vietnamese family that relocates to New Orleans after the Vietnam War.