Turn The Page – Episode 101b

Episode One Hundred and One – Part 2 – Kate Winkler Dawson

Kate Winkler Dawson discusses American Sherlock — a non-fiction book about Edward Oscar Heinreich, America’s first forensic scientist

Turn The Page – Episode 100

Episode One Hundred – 100 Adventures in Microfiche with JUDD APATOW

From the Syosset Public Library and Judd Apatow Comedy Research Center!

Syosset Superstar Alumni Judd Apatow zooms in from Sunny LA to talk Microfiche, Freaks and
Geeks, and Favorite Syosset Teachers!

Turn The Page – Episode 99a

Episode Ninety Nine – Part 1 – Jennifer Steil

Author Jennifer Steil comes to us from across the pond to discuss Exile Music the story of Orly, a girl from Vienna whose musical family must flee Vienna for the mountains of Bolivia during World War II. Jennifer talks about writing, the beauty of living in other countries, and much more.

Turn The Page – Episode 99b

Episode Ninety Nine – Part 2 – Ariel Lawhon

Author Ariel Lawhon discusses Code Name Helene, her thrilling historical novel based on a real female spy during WWII. Ariel also discusses her writing process and how she began her career while juggling become the mother of four boys within five years!

Turn The Page – Episode 99c

Episode Ninety Nine – Part 3 – Chris Bohjalian

Best selling phenomenon Chris Bohjalian discusses his latest book The Red Lotus … a book about a pandemic released during a pandemic.

Turn The Page – Episode 98b

Episode Ninety Eight – Part 2

Ryan Estrada stops by to talk to us about his work adapting some of Charles Dickens not so classic (see: terrible) sequels to A Christmas Carol AND about Banned Book Club — a graphic novel co-written with his wife Hyun Sook Kim.

Turn The Page – Episode 98c

Episode Ninety Eight – Part 3

Tyler Feder discusses Dancing at the Pity party, a heartfelt graphic novel she wrote about losing her mom to cancer at a young age, the relationship between a good  laugh and a good cry — and the complicated relationship we all have with death.

Turn The Page – Episode 97a

Episode 97 – Part One – Katherine Center

Author Katherine Center chats with us about fan fiction, feel good books, and what it was like to be on the set of a movie based on her book The Lost Husband starring Josh Duhamel. SWOON!