Turn The Page – Episode 149b

Episode one forty nine – part two

After the police arrive. After the ambulance has long gone. What happens to a Final Girl when she is no longer a GIRL? Grady Hendrix, author of several horror novels joins Turn the Page once more to discuss The Final Girl Support Group — a novel that follows these “girls” when they have grown up and the past has seemingly come back to finish what it had started.

Turn The Page – Episode 149c

Episode one forty nine – part three

A Historical Mystery about Jack the Ripper? But from the wife’s point of view. That’s a perspective not seen. Evelyn caught up with Clare Whitfield, author of People of Abandoned Character, her debut novel about Susannah the newly wedded wife of a wealthy surgeon who begins to suspect that all is not well with her mysterious husband.

Turn The Page – Episode 149a

Episode one forty nine – part one

Don Saladino grew up right here on Long Island and has moved mountains with his career as a personal trainer to the superheroes. Of course, by this we mean that Don has worked with actors such as Sebastian Stan, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and so many others to prepare them for film in popular film franchises such as Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Saladino spoke to us about everyday heroes and his very relatable attitude towards fitness and nutrition.

Turn The Page – Episode 148a

Episode one forty eight – part one

In part two of the Middle Class Horror Series, Fan Girl Jeanne discusses safe spaces as a construct within the mythos of the suburbs and how 1950’s archetypes of suburbia are parasitic upon the urban spaces they are designed to keep out. Some movies discussed are The Duel, The People Under the Stairs, and The Girl with All the Gifts.

Turn The Page – Episode 148b

Episode one forty eight – part two

Set in an alternate timeline, Girl One speculates that would have happened if in the mid 1970’s, 9 women participated in an experiment to reproduce through parthenogenesis resulting in 9 baby girls who have grown up with this legacy. Sara Flannery Murphy talks to us about this carefully crafted novel which mixes suspense and light SciFi.

Turn The Page – Episode 148c

Episode one forty eight – part three

Author T.J. Newman worked in the aviation industry as a flight attended until she published Falling, one of the hottest thrillers of this summer. Newman got to talk to us about the familial dynamics of a flight crew, popular action films such as Speed, and how we all hope her former ambition to work on Broadway comes full circle for “Falling! The Musical”. We’re just kidding. Well, MAYBE we are.