Turn The Page – Episode 222b

Episode two hundred twenty two – part two

Syosset Native and Filmmaker Steve Taub joins us to talk about his work, his time in Syosset as well as his film Impresarios and Visionaries which will be showing at Syosset Library on Friday, December 16.


Impresarios and Visionaries trailer

Day in the life of a stand-up comedian

Holocaust testimonial trailer

Elements – Lyrics Steven Taub Music Cathy Kreger

Turn The Page – Episode 222c

Episode two hundred twenty two – part three

Mystery author Elly Griffiths joins us to chat about Bleeding Heart Yard, her third book featuring British Detective Harbinder Kaur. When Cassie, one of the cops on Harbinder’s team is embroiled in the murder of an old friend during her High School Reunion, Harbinder must also unravel a mystery of an older murder that also involved Cassie and her friends.

Turn The Page – Episode 222a

Episode two hundred twenty two – part one

Regina Jackson and Saira Rao’s WHITE WOMEN: EVERYTHING YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT YOUR OWN RACISM AND HOW TO DO BETTER is a very necessary and very timely guide. Jenn was lucky enough to chat with Regina about radical honesty and how it is a necessary tool in the fight against white supremacy.