Monthly Archives: December 2021

Turn The Page – Episode 171a

Episode one seventy one – part one

Amy Belding Brown sat down with Evelyn and Jessikah to discuss EMILY’S HOUSE a historical novel written from the POV of Margaret Maher, Emily Dickinson’s maid who is the reason Emily is a household name.

Turn The Page – Episode 170a

Episode one seventy – part one

Award winning audiobook narrator Michael Crouch discusses his craft, commercial voice overs, and editing out breaths from recording. Among other things, fluffy cats do come up in conversation. Shout out to @SeeJanRead former SPL employee and Michael Crouch enthusiast.

Turn The Page – Episode 170b

Episode one seventy – part two

Better late than never! We finally release this high energy chat with Stacey and author Sarah Smith regarding her book ON LOCATION. Other hot topics include contemporary romance novels — especially those set in a workplace — hiking, and Fan Fiction.