Monthly Archives: October 2022

Turn The Page – Episode 215e

Episode two hundred fifteen – part five

Su Cho chats about her childhood dream of becoming a rapper, how dioramas are a universal experience for American school children, and of course, her collection of poetry, THE SYMMETRY OF FISH.

Turn The Page – Episode 215b

Episode two hundred fifteen – part two

Jenn sat down with Anthony Marra to discuss MERCURY PICTURES PRESENTS, a beautiful, haunting and often very funny book that spans 1940s Hollywood and Mussolini’s Italy.

Turn The Page – Episode 214b

Episode two hundred fourteen – part two

Evelyn chats with Ellen Marie Wiseman about THE LOST GIRLS OF WILLOWBROOK which examines Willowbrook State School, the infamous Staten Island, New York, mental institution that shocked a nation when exposed in the 1970s as a dumping ground for unwanted children.

Turn The Page – Episode 214a

Episode two hundred fourteen – part one

Jessikah and Jenn were lucky enough to talk to Laurie Lico Albanese about her beautiful new book, HESTER, which asks and answers the question about who may have inspired the protagonist of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s THE SCARLET LETTER. They discuss many things, including: would Hawthorne have a Twitter account today?

Turn The Page – Episode 214c

Episode two hundred fourteen – part three

Evelyn catches a seat next to Freya Sampson to discuss THE LOST TICKET — an uplifting novel about a young woman and an older man who meet on a bus and share their past heartbreak forming a friendship that heals one another in unexpected ways.