Turn The Page – Episode 144b

Episode one forty four – part two

A cookbook that let’s you bring the most outrageous foods of NYC to your own kitchen? Greg and Rebecca of Devour Power talk about Devour NYC, their book that aims to do just that. Don’t listen to this on an empty stomach. You will want to eat everything.

Turn The Page – Episode 144a

You’ve all heard of The Neverending Story, but have you heard of Momo?

We are joined by writer Hector Gonzalez (@mexicanity on Twitter) to discuss.

Héctor González (he/they) is a queer non-binary México-born speculative writer living in Austin, TX. They pair their love for food with their passion for stories and finding more about the secret origins of your favorite dishes.

You can find their latest thoughts, cooking and writing as @mexicanity on Instagram, Twitter and Medium.

Their motivational ASMR 4 Writers recordings can be found under Abuelita Héctor on SoundCloud (Abuelita Héctor).

The article below is about his Nerdy Worldcon Tacos
My Road to Worldcon 76. Part 6: My Love Language is Tacos

His Short Stories:
Prometheus with a Happy Face read in English and Spanish

Uroboros, read in English and Spanish


Turn The Page – Episode 144c

Episode one forty four – part three

A book about a “Tiny Tired Lesbian Solving Crimes in the Prohibition Era”! Nekesa Afia, debut author and NaNoWriMo alumni tells us about “Dead Dead Girls” the very first in the Harlem Renaissance Mysteries which introduces us to Louise Lloyd, Harlem’s reluctant hero who is extorted by the police to help solve the murders of young black women who are being murdered in Lou’s own community. A fun interview and a dazzling novel.