Turn The Page – Episode 158a

Episode one fifty eight – part one

Author Cadwell Turnbull sat down with Ralph (of Turn the Page Intro fame) to discuss his book NO GODS NO MONSTERS, and eventually lands on the topic of video games.

Turn The Page – Episode 158b

Episode one fifty eight – part two

Andrea Bartz brings us WE WERE NEVER HERE –  a BONKERS thriller about two globetrotting best friends whose last two trips ended in murder.

Turn The Page – Episode 157c

Episode one fifty seven – part three

Paleontologist Elsa Panciroli got to chat with us about the evolution of mammals and why we should be thinking of it in terms of BEFORE the astroid that ended the dinosaurs.

Turn The Page – Episode 157b

Episode one fifty seven – part two

In his first picture book, Cory Doctorow tackles the importance of information and research through the eyes of Poesy, a little girl who learns to fight what goes bump in the night with the help of research! In this episode, we chat about this and so much more.

Turn The Page – Episode 157a

Episode one fifty seven – part one

Just in time for the first days of school! BonHyung Jeong joined us from Korea to discuss Kyle’s little sister, a middle grade graphic novel which captures the middle school experience so well that the reader will smell the wax on the floor. *