Turn The Page – Episode 241c

Episode two hundred forty one – part three

Author Hanna Halperin stops in to discuss I COULD LIVE HERE FOREVER, a gorgeous novel about a tumultuous relationship between an MFA student, and a recovering heroin addict.

Turn The Page – Episode 241d

Episode two hundred forty one – part four

Jenn spoke to Joel Blecher and Mairaj Syed about their wonderful translation (the first in English) of Ibn Hajar’s MERITS OF THE PLAGUE. We talked about translation, collaboration, and researching premodern plagues during a pandemic.

Turn The Page – Episode 241b

Episode two hundred forty one – part two

Maurene Goo’s THROWBACK is a riotously fun YA tale with a time-travel twist and a moving exploration of intergenerational relationships in immigrant families. Maurene stopped by to talk to Jessikah and Jenn about writing this book.

Special Episode 30

Special Episode 30

Maggie Smith’s poem, “Good Bones” captured the American zeitgeist in 2016 and became one of the first “viral” poems of the modern era. Jenn sat down with this accomplished poet and memoirist to discuss her new book, YOU COULD MAKE THIS PLACE BEAUTIFUL, out today!

Turn The Page – Episode 240b

Episode two hundred forty – part two

Local author Sydney W. Joshua stopped by the show to talk about two of her books. DEAR MOMMY’S BOSS is a humorous and heartfelt love letter to kindness in the corporate world, while the gorgeous picture book S IS FOR STREET GAMES celebrates childhood and outdoor play.

Turn The Page – Episode 240a

Episode two hundred forty – part one

The Knights of the Round Table are alive and in Vancouver! Jes Battis’ THE WINTER KNIGHT is a beautiful and evocative urban fantasy featuring a mystery plot, rich academic setting, and queer and trans protagonists. Jenn loved this book and had a lovely time chatting with Jes about their brilliant take on Arthurian legend.

Turn The Page – Episode 240d

Episode two hundred forty – part four

Jessikah catches up with J.S. Dewes, author of RUBICON, a fabulous military sci fi story that brings us into the mind of Adrienne Valero, a soldier who has lived and died too many times to count – and Rubicon, the sentient AI who is her partner.

Turn The Page – Episode 240e

Episode two hundred forty – part five

Josh Weiss joined us last year to discuss the first Morris Baker mystery, BEAT THE DEVILS, an alternate history in which the Red Scare never ended and Joseph McCarthy won the presidency. Now he’s back to discuss the series’ second installment SUNSET EMPIRE with Jenn.

Turn The Page – Episode 240c

Episode two hundred forty – part three

Author Laurell K. Hamilton chats with Jessikah and Stacey about SMOULDER, the latest in the ANITA BLAKE series – and then talks some shop about how she manages to keep the series fresh!