Turn The Page – Episode 211e

Episode two hundred eleven – part five

Tanvi Berwah’s debut YA book, MONSTERS BORN AND MADE, is a gripping fantasy adventure. She chatted with Jenn about NaNoWriMo, worldbuilding, and sea monsters, among many other things!

Turn The Page – Episode 211a

Episode two hundred eleven – part one

Victoria Christopher Murphy joins Evelyn to chat about THE PERSONAL LIBRARIAN, the fictionalized story of a very real woman –Belle Da Costa Greene, a black woman who served as J.P. Morgan’s personal librarian — but Greene kept her race carefully concealed as she came into her own power through her intelligence and wit. Murphy tells Evelyn about her experience co-writing with Marie Benedict and seeing her books adapted to the screen.

Turn The Page – Episode 211b

Episode two hundred eleven – part two

Lisa chats with Eleanor Brown about ANY OTHER FAMILY, a heartwarming novel which
redefines what a family is. They also discussed adoption (both closed and open) and Colorado.

Turn The Page – Episode 211d

Episode two hundred eleven – part four

Jenn sat down with Sam McAlister to talk about her fascinating new book, SCOOPS: BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE BBC’S MOST SHOCKING INTERVIEWS. They talked about her journey from barrister to journalist, interviewing royals, and being an outsider in elite circles.

Turn The Page – Episode 211c

Episode two hundred eleven – part three

Do you believe in psychics? Evelyn chats with Nan Fischer about SOME OF IT WAS REAL, a spellbinding novel about a psychic and the man who wishes to prove that she’s a fraud. The two become unlikely companions — but will they become more?

Turn The Page – Episode 210d

Episode two hundred ten – part four

Ali Hazelwood brings her fun romantic voice to Turn the Page! Ali tells Evelyn all about how fan fiction helped sharpen her writing skills and her experiences balancing becoming a best selling author with being a professor with a PhD. in neuroscience.

Turn The Page – Episode 210b

Episode two hundred ten – part two

Barbara Bourland zooms in to chat about THE FORCE OF SUCH BEAUTY, a surreal story of a young woman who marries a prince — and finds it is not a fairytale after all. Bourland tells us about the inspirations behind Princess Caroline.

Turn The Page – Episode 210a

Episode two hundred ten – part one

Meghan F. caught up with Betty Culley about THE NAME SHE GAVE ME, a teen book written in verse which sees Rynn, an adoptive teen living on a garlic farm. Culley tells Meghan about the importance of telling the truth when writing an adoption story.

Turn The Page – Episode 210c

Episode two hundred ten – part three

A cozy found family story with a little witchy magic for everyone! Sangu Mandanna’s THE VERY SECRET SOCIETY OF IRREGULAR WITCHES will charm the coldest of hearts. Sangu chats with Jessikah about how the isolation of the pandemic inspired this book, and shares some of her favorite witchy novels for all to enjoy.