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Turn The Page – Episode 51

Episode Fifty One – Tom Lynch: Sidewalk Astronomer

Look at the night sky! Long Island’s own Tom Lynch discusses what inspired him to develop a telescope sharing initiative in our local libraries. 

Turn The Page – Episode 49

Episode Forty Nine – Making Art with Wendy Xu


Graphic Novel Artist, and soon to be Sy-Con guest discusses her journey from self taught artist to getting published by Lion Forge Press!

Turn The Page – Episode 48

Episode Forty Eight: Preserving Magic With Disney Animation Research Library

We got a rare chance to interview Fox Carney and Tori Cranner, archivists for Disney’s Animation Research Library — a secretly located facility tasked with preserving the legacy of the Walt Disney Company.

Turn The Page – Episode 47

Episode Forty Seven – End of Day with Jordyn Boscia

Syosset Alum, Jordyn stopped in with her partner Matthew to discuss the process of creating and producing End of Day — their soon to air comedy web series.

Turn The Page – Episode 46

Episode Forty Six: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: For nearly 40 years, Alvin Schwartz’ collection of scary stories has been a staple of campfires sleepovers, and on ALA list of most banned books.

Cody Meirick director of the Scary Stories documentary chatted with Sharon, Meghan and Jessikah about the legacy Schwartz (and illustrator Stephen Gammell) have cast over generations of young readers. Together we wax nostalgic on our favorite tales, illustrations and the power of folklore in literature.

Turn The Page – Episode 45

Episode Forty Five – Close Encounters with a Monument Man

Actor. Producer. Director, Author. Bob Balaban is a man of many talents whose casting list spans from Close Encounters of the third kind, to Monuments Men. Bob was kind enough to lend us his time and his voice to discuss his works.