Turn The Page – Episode 299d

Episode two hundred ninety nine – part four

Sara Wolf blends fantasy with scifi in her newest book HEAVENBREAKER a revenge story set against a tournament joust fought with Giant Robots in space! But what really drives this fast paced story into the stars are the unforgettable characters.

Turn The Page – Episode 299c

Episode two hundred ninety nine – part three

Joshua Hull, author of MOUTH and screenwriter of GLORIOUS, stopped by to talk about his work. You can check out GLORIOUS on Shudder, and MOUTH is out now. Check them out!

Turn The Page – Episode 299b

Episode two hundred ninety nine – part two

Bill Shea’s A GRANDPA JOE DAY is a gorgeous children’s book about maintaining an optimistic outlook and the special bond between a grandparent and grandchild. Bill stopped by to talk about writing and illustrating this lovely tale.

Turn The Page – Episode 298c

Episode two hundred ninety eight – part three

Jenn spoke to Dr. Philip Cioffari– writing professor and instructor, novelist, and award-winning film writer, playwright, and director. They spoke about the craft of writing, his newest novel NIGHT & ITS LONGINGS, and what you learn from teaching others.

Turn The Page – Episode 298a

Episode two hundred ninety eight – part one

Author Nicola Solvinic questions the nature of growing up so close to evil. The Hunter’s Daughter finds “Good Cop” Anna in a world of danger when she must investigate a serial killer whose methods are eerily similar to the patterns of the Forest Strangler. Unbeknownst to Anna’s coworkers? The Forest Strangler was Anna’s Father.

Turn The Page – Episode 298e

Episode two hundred ninety eight – part five

Syosset High School Sophomore Grace Liu has written and published a love letter to research. Literally! Grace stops by to chat about RESEARCH TO EMPOWER, a practical research guide written by a student for students.

Turn The Page – Episode 298b

Episode two hundred ninety eight – part two

Christina Henry is back with her own twist on a Gothic Horror novel set during the earlier days of the Covid Pandemic. When Horror lover Harry Adams gets a job cleaning the home of a reclusive director she finds herself and her teenage son wrapped up in a web of murder, lies, and movie props!

Turn The Page – Episode 297a

Episode two hundred ninety seven – part one

 A. Ashley Hoff’s WITH LOVE, MOMMIE DEAREST: THE MAKING OF AN UNINTENTIONAL CAMP CLASSIC is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the divisive adaptation of Christina Crawford’s memoir detailing her mother Joan’s abuse, and its legacy.